May 24, 2018


Statement by Alvin Brown on Dodd-Frank Rollback Bill
JACKSONVILLE – Mayor Alvin Brown released the following statement regarding the House’s passage of the so-called Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (S. 2155):

“Just a decade after the global economic meltdown, Congress has moved to roll back regulations on big banks, irresponsibly putting our country’s economy at risk of another financial crisis. Despite claims it will help consumers and offer relief for community banks, this dangerous legislation dismantles Dodd-Frank’s post-crisis safeguards and is yet another example of my opponent standing side by side with the Trump administration and Wall Street at the expense of hardworking families across North Florida. Floridians were hit hard by the financial crisis and Great Recession, and have not forgotten the lost jobs, homes and life savings they experienced as a result. In Congress, I will always fight in the people’s best interest and demand Wall Street be held accountable for their reckless practices. We need leaders who will stand up to the big banks, not undermine consumer protections and put us on the brink of another economic collapse.”

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