Throwback Thursday: Al Lawson Voted with NRA to Protect Gun Manufacturers
As Parkland parents sue the manufacturer and seller of the AR-15 used in the February massacre, a 2001 Florida law has been thrust into the spotlight. Then-State Senator Al Lawson was one of the only Democrats in the legislature to support the NRA-backed bill that prohibits civil actions against gun manufacturers, even if the “firearm or ammunition is discharged…illegally.” The NRA was so thrilled to have his support, they asked their members to personally thank him:

[NRA Institute for Legislative Action, 4/12/2001]

Mayor Alvin Brown supports civil lawsuits against gun manufacturers and repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) to remove special legal protections for firearms companies so that they can be held civilly liable when acting negligently. PLCAA was passed by Congress in 2005 and provides special legal protections to the gun industry by shielding gun dealers and manufacturers that negligently sell or manufacture guns used in crimes that result in death or injury. In any other industry, victims have legal recourse when they are injured by a negligently produced, marketed or sold product. Because of PLCAA, gun manufacturers and sellers can often escape legal accountability even if their business practices are unreasonably dangerous and cause harm.

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