Today, Alvin Brown announces his strong support for the Do No Harm Act (HR 3222), a measure introduced by Representatives Joe Kennedy (MA) and Bobby Scott (VA) to amend the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). In recent years, there have been sustained efforts by conservatives nationwide to use RFRA to erode civil rights protections, equal access to health care and child labor laws. The Do No Harm Act would clarify that no one can seek religious exemption from laws guaranteeing fundamental civil and legal rights and ultimately restore the balance between religious freedom and equal protection under the law.

“One of my first courses of action in Congress will be to join the NAACP, ACLU, Interfaith Alliance, Representatives Kennedy and Scott, and over 100 Democrats from across the country in supporting the Do No Harm Act,” Brown said Wednesday. “The people of North Florida deserve a champion who will stand up to Donald Trump and his allies’ extreme violation of the rights of so many Americans, including women, the LGBTQ community and religious minorities. Freedom of religion is a core American value enshrined in our Constitution but must not be used as a weapon for discrimination. As the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights put it, ‘There can be no religious exemption from basic human dignity.’”

Throughout his career, Alvin Brown has worked hand-in-hand with civil rights, faith and community leaders and organizations focused on defending the right of all Americans to live free of discrimination. From his work on affordable housing issues in the Clinton administration, to his lifetime membership with the NAACP, to his support for minority small businesses as Jacksonville Mayor, Brown will take this same commitment to Congress on behalf of Florida’s 5th District. Learn more at

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