August 6, 2018


Educators Endorse Alvin Brown for Congress

JACKSONVILLE – The Florida Education Association (FEA) and Duval Teachers United (DTU) have endorsed Alvin Brown’s campaign to represent Florida’s 5th Congressional District.

Headquartered in Tallahassee, FEA represents over 140,000 teachers and school support professionals across the state of Florida. “The Florida Education Association is proud to endorse Alvin Brown for Florida’s 5th District because he understands that the road to economic prosperity begins with our public schools,” FEA President Joanne McCall said Monday. “In Congress, Mayor Brown will be a strong voice for educators. He knows that our students are more than just a test score, that schools need adequate resources and that we must pay teachers and education staff professionals what they deserve. As a staunch advocate for Florida working families, Mayor Brown will fight for an economy that works for all — not just a privileged few.”

Duval Teachers United President Terrie Brady said, “Alvin Brown shares our values and vision of a Florida in which all of our children can receive a quality education regardless of zip code. Having seen his dedication to Jacksonville families firsthand, I know Alvin will work hard on behalf of all Florida students and our educators in Congress. He’s a true friend of public education who has innovated locally to position our children for success with programs such as ‘Mayor’s Mentors’ and ‘Learn2Earn.’ Duval Teachers United proudly stands with Mayor Brown because he stands with us.”

“I was fortunate to attend excellent public schools and blessed with teachers who fostered a love of learning. I’m proud to stand with our educators and honored to receive their support in this campaign,” former Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown said. “When we make smart investments in our schools, we strengthen our children’s chance at achieving great things and help them meet their full potential. When we don’t, we’re all but guaranteeing an unstable economic future for our children and Florida. Unfortunately, there’s a long-running trend toward giving for-profit charter school operators greater influence in the state’s public education system. Unlike my opponent who’s put Florida’s children at risk with his reckless support for school vouchers, I firmly believe that taxpayers should not be rewarding for-profit companies at the expense of underfunded public schools.”

“Further, we must pay teachers salaries that align with the importance of their work and ensure they have the classroom supplies, training and resources they need to prepare students for a rapidly changing economy,” Brown continued. “In Congress, I will always fight for our teachers, their right to collectively bargain and make a decent living. Our future depends on it.”

As Mayor, Alvin Brown proactively worked to strengthen Jacksonville’s education system with a specific focus on creating educational experience and opportunity throughout the community, including:

  • Creating the Education Commissioner’s Office via a public-private partnership between City Hall and Jacksonville University, an instrumental piece in leading educational initiatives in Florida’s most populous city.
  • Establishing “Mayor’s Mentors,” a program to pair over 500 highly-qualified, screened adults with young people to develop the next generation of leaders.
  • Partnering with universities to launch “Learn2Earn,” a unique program to immerse more than 500 high school students in a collegiate experience with a target of raising the high school graduation rate and increasing the number of Jacksonville residents with college diplomas.
  • Jointly sponsoring “Mayor’s College Student Aid Workshops,” offering college-bound students with free, one-stop support for completing and filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form with local colleges and universities.
  • Partnering with financial institutions to launch “Jacksonville Money Wi$e Week,” a financial literacy program offering sessions free of charge for all residents.

Through the implementation of these innovative programs, Mayor Brown demonstrated a clear commitment to improving local graduation rates while creating a more successful city committed to lifelong learning – a drive that will carry him to Congress. Learn more at


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