JACKSONVILLE – Under fire for championing Florida’s dangerous “Stand Your Ground” law, Al Lawson is shamelessly trying to mislead the people of North Florida on his record of siding with the NRA. Lawson sponsored and voted for Stand Your Ground legislation in 2005, while in the Florida Legislature. Lawson has consistently defended his vote following the murder of Trayvon Martin and even stood by his record before the Tallahassee Democrat Editorial Board, less than a week ago. Lawson’s voting record has put our children and communities at risk, and now he’s trying to shift the blame to score political points. Floridians deserve better.

Statement from Mayor Alvin Brown: “It’s telling that Al Lawson has disgracefully defended support for ‘Stand Your Ground’ for over a decade, and has now changed his tune. Try as he might, Lawson’s actions amount to no more than an empty statement claiming he’s against something he is clearly on the record to support. Al Lawson has been nothing more than a career politician for the past 30 years who will say anything to get elected.”

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