Working families are the backbone of our economy. In Congress, I will always promote policies that help us build a fair economy that works for all – not just those at the top. We must make smart investments in our infrastructure – from our roads and bridges, to our public schools.


Increasing access to quality, affordable health care is a top priority. The Affordable Care Act was a great first step to help tens of millions of Americans gain health insurance. As mayor of Jacksonville, I had the pleasure of working with the Obama administration and local leaders to help implement the ACA and get many signed up for health insurance as our state led the pack for enrollment.


I was fortunate to attend excellent public schools and blessed with teachers who fostered a love of learning. When we make smart investments in our schools, we strengthen kids’ chance at success and help them meet their full potential. We must pay teachers salaries that align with the importance of their work and ensure they have the classroom supplies, training and resources they need to prepare students for a rapidly changing economy.


I am a strong advocate for protecting our environment, clean water and air, and investments in renewable energy that create good-paying, clean energy jobs. We must protect our natural resources and ecosystems, including our coastlines and waterways – major economic drivers in this state. In Congress, I will forcefully oppose oil drilling off of our beloved coast.


The gun violence epidemic has plagued our streets and communities across the country for far too long. As a parent of two high school boys, this issue hits especially close to home. It is inexcusable that thousands of Americans are killed every year by gun violence, and yet, Congress does nothing. I am committed to standing up for commonsense gun safety and reforming this country’s lax gun laws to keep our children and neighborhoods safe.


As a nation, we are indebted to the brave men and women who serve our country and fight to secure peace in the world. Our men and women in uniform, veterans and their families deserve our steadfast support, and the resources, healthcare and economic opportunities they’ve earned. We must ensure our servicemembers have jobs and affordable housing when they return home from proudly serving our country.


I firmly believe no one should face discrimination, bullying or violence because of who they are or who they love. In Congress, I will fight for policies that ensure equal treatment that’s inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity, including in established policies like the Fair Housing and Employment Non-Discrimination Act. The LGBTQ community has made significant contributions to our community, and we can, and must, do better to ensure the fairness and dignity every human being deserves.


Immigrants strengthen our communities and economy, yet the immigration system in this country remains broken. I strongly support comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship for law-abiding undocumented immigrants. Congress must also pass a clean DREAM Act to protect young people who arrived in this country when they were children.

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