Increasing access to quality, affordable health care is a top priority. The Affordable Care Act was a great first step to help tens of millions of Americans gain health insurance. As mayor of Jacksonville, I had the pleasure of working with the Obama administration and local leaders to help implement the ACA and get many signed up for health insurance as our state led the pack for enrollment.

We must continue to build on that progress because healthcare is a basic human right. Costs are still far too high, and one major illness could mean financial ruin for a family. Families shouldn’t have to choose between seeing the doctor, paying a medical bill or filling a prescription, and other basic needs such as food or shelter. This is an issue of economic security.

We must hold insurance companies, as well as the greedy pharmaceutical companies, accountable, and get the skyrocketing costs under control so that access to affordable care is a reality for all Americans. We also must fight back against the attacks on women’s and reproductive health, ensure mental health is adequately funded and take action to end the opioid epidemic that’s crippling so many communities and families across the country.

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